With a degree in psychology and graduate work in " art for special populations " now called art therapy, Pineda seeks to merge her memories of growing up in a small Mexican colony outside Shafter, with the reality of being a Chicana in modern America. As a child she worked beside her family in the fields. As an adult, she worked in migrant education and human relations. Hands reaching out and around the vessel forms symbolized this coming together of communities and culture.


Ceramics Monthly

Combining her love of the earth and healing with her hands, sculptor Nora Pineda brings her personal beliefs and experiences to her art work. Like the aspects of each person's life her art is multi-faceted. As the sculptures are rotated slightly new shapes begin to come into view of a different yet complimentary theme. This helps to create a flowing,rhythmic feel to my art.The images she chooses are personal symbols that tie in with the humanity and the earth


Chico Enterprise Record

Nora Pineda passionately speaks from her roots. Her form appear as stories in the round as she transforms and mutates a magic fusion of colours, shapes and a way of life. Although she is influenced by her Mexican culture, she does not think of herself as anyone but an artist with messages to reveal.. Pineda vividly speaks to healing. Her work shows great depths of emotion, celebration, suffering and cultural bonding , in this way her elegant and beautiful vessel forms reach out beyond her hands to symbolize the togetherness of communities and culture.


Solomon-Dubnick Gallery


'Crossing Cultural Borders' at Cermaic's Monthly