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What if you could tune into your inner guidance and reconnect witrh yourself in a way that creates a deep-seated knowing that all is well.. you are able to inhale and exhale fully with a sense of calm in a way you may not have been able to before.

Most people, not even realizing it, live out of flow - their lives are a never-ending barrage of to-dos. In energy psychology, we call this state resistance, and it is often created by hidden memories or traumatic experiences from the past or prolonged periods of enduring situations,emotions or beliefs in our everyday life. If this is left unchecked, this stress begins to develop into negative emotions, limited mindset and and poor health

When you find flow, stress disappears, your body heals, you feel more positive and motivated and can handle life challenges.

Once you release what held you back, you can choose to create and embody a new feeling, thought, belief, pattern or emotion. As you start to tune in and master your own energy, you'll feel more empowered, able to change what you think and how you feel.


Nora will walk you through energy alignment process she had successfully offered to thousands of clients over the years. This deeply healing work involves releasing stuck energy, old beliefs and thought patterns that no longer serve you. She integrates chakra work, energy cord releasing and grounding cord work. Nora also works with healing powers of gold suns as well as spiritual energies like your spirit guides and/or hers

Nora healing and alignment work is about realignment and attunement on any energy level, creating real life changes rather than quick fix or surface level healing. Like all things worth doing, it takes a little practice and dedication, but the results are worth it.


Session price - $70 | Session-time: Approximately 1 hour

Upon purchase Nora will contact you directly, via email or phone to schedule your new session.

Are you asking yourself....

Why I am here ? What is purpose of life ? What is my calling ? What are my next best steps ? In a healing alignment with Nora you may begin to uncover the answer to these questions and so much more